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Time to put 2017 in our sweet memories, and what a year it was! Wonderful results in many categories but also so nice trips and meetings with our Zaraque's whippet family in shows, lure coursing and all practising. Thank you all for taking such a good care of your whippets.

We had a hard time in last Autumn after our Kiti, Ch Zaraque's High Temptation, injured her shoulder. After big surgery she had to keep her whole front leg in the spatula 2,5 months, and after that had to learn walk again. Kiti's show career is over now but her kids from three litters, and grand-kids are just amazing and we are lucky to see them still going strong in the rings, lure coursing, agility and other activities. And Kiti ended her career on the top, by winning BIS-2 veteran in Kemi international show.

Kemi int 22.7.2017:
BIS-2 veteran, Ch Zaraque's High Temptation

In the finnish Whippet Club's lists of the best show and racing whippets of the year 2017.

- Zaraque's Knight Of Northern Lights was BOB newcomer, and 4th in all males. Batman won 4 CC's in Finland, CC in Sweden and CC in Norway, and 2 cacib's as junior/intermediate. He also won group and took many group placements.

- Zaraque's Just Light Up My Way was 11th in males. Viljo also finished two titles this year, Nord & No champion, and became a father in kennel Whipstripe!

- Zaraque's Lionheart was 19th in males and 9th in newcomers, and gained 4 CC's as a junior, also winning BOB & BIG-1 & BIS-2

- Zaraque's Keen On Crown'n Jewels was 12th in all bitches and 3rd in newcomers. She earned 5 CC's, cacib, 3 BOB-wins and group-placement.

- Zaraque's Juliet In Temptation was 19th best bitch with only 3 shows in Finland. She also got new titles; Ee & Lt Ch BaltW'17. The most spectacular, Hippu won Finnish whippet club's championship in lure coursing and got title WHMM'17. Hippu also got 2 more lure coursing CC's, and was ranked 5th best lure coursing bitch in Finland. She also achieved her track racing license, and proceeded to II-class in agility. Such a lovely multitalent pocket-rocket :)

- Zaraque's Illusion Of Love finished her show champion title, got 3 more lure coursing CC's, was ranked 3rd best lure coursing bitch in Finland and also was the second right after her half-sister in Finnish Whippet Club's lure coursing championship!

- Zaraque's Keep on Temptation got CC's in Finland and Norway, and cacib in Norway. Nekku also won 2 x BOS.

- Zaraque's Kismet Sensation At Miyessa got 2 CC's and 2 cacib's from Lithuania. Nenna also started her lure coursing career by winning CC and ended up to 9th in debutant bitches with only one race.

- Zaraque's Karat Black New Generation won CC

- Zaraque's Keen On Fire'n Wind won several res-CC's

- Zaraque's Love Me Tender got 2 junior CC's and won BOB in Latvia and one junior CC from Estonia.

- Zaraque's Lunar Eclipse got CC

- Zaraque's High Temptation ended up to 4th place in veteran bitches and 3rd in brood bitches. She was also noticed in swedish list being 9th in brood bitches

- Zaraque's was 4th best breeder in Finland in scores


19.2.2017; The new year has started a while ago. We had quite a busy year with two litters, first time in our history. Therefore we had to stay more home and make only a few trips to shows and lure coursing. Hopefully in this year we can spend more time with the activities. We have two very promising litter growing up, nice to see how they will develop and find their own interests.

In 2016 we got two new Finnish champions, Zaraque's Just Light Up My Way and Zaraque's Juliet In Temptation. Z. Irish Coffee and Z. Just Light Up My Way also gained Swedish champion title, and Z. Just Light up My Way also Estonian champion. Our own Z. High Temptation finished Norwish champion title.

The most delighning thing was Z. I'm a Love Machine's lure coursing champion title. Mango was the second Zaraque's whippet who made this achievement complited :)


4.1.2016; Again so memorable year 2015 behind and time to make some memo of the results.

The finnish Whippet Club has announced the lists of the best show and racing whippets of the year again.

First show whippets
- Zaraque's Juliet In Temptation was 8th best bitch and 6th best newcomer (including both dogs and bitches)
- Zaraque's High Temptation 6th best brood bitch (including both dogs and bitches)
- Zaraque's 4th best breeder
- Breds who were gaining points too; Z. Just Light Up My Way, Z. Irish Coffee, Z. Illusion Of Love, Z. High Temptation ja Z. Ghost Story

Lure coursing list
- Zaraque's I'm a Love Machine was 35th (including both dogs and bitches)
- Zaraque's Juliet In Temptation was 35th newcomer (points only from one race)

Some worth of mention results from the 2015;
-Zaraque's Holy Smoke was awarded as "Beautiful Runner" (triple prize) number 23 in Finland
-Zaraque's Juliet In Temptation was 2nd best bitch in Finnish Winner show in December. She has also gained 4 CC's and several BOB- and BOS-wins in Finland in 2015
-Zaraque's Just Light Up My Way gained EstJW-15 title and later CC and cacib from Estonia. From Finland he has already 5 CC's gained in 2015
-Zaraque's Ghost Story gained EstVW-15 title
-Our own Sagramour Pietra Preziosa finished her Fi Ch title
-Zaraque's I'm a Love Machine gained 3 lure coursing CC's and has already one from 2014 so one more to go..
-Z. Illusion Of Love, Z. Juliet In Temptation and Sagramour Pietra Preziosa gained lure coursing CC's
-Also want to thank all the breds that were included our BOB breeder wins 2015; Z. Ghost Story, Z. Irish Coffee, Z. Just Light Up My Way, Z. First Avenue, Z. High Temptation, Z. Juliet In Temptation and Z. Just Pure Perfume


22.12.2014; We have had very succesfull year, thanks to all owners that have made this possible! Zaraque's whippets have been active in shows, lure coursing, track racing and agility. Also some new hobbies have been tested like "rally obedience" and "dobo", and also beeing in therapy dogs for elderly people. It's so nice to see how multi-useful whippet can be :)

I haven't updated all the results here in homepages because of faster social media like facebook, but I appreciate so much that people are active with their dogs.

We had one new champion this year; Fi Ch Zaraque's Irish Coffee
Zaraque's Illusion Of Love got 2 CC's and cacib. Fi Ch Zaraque's Irish Coffee, Zaraque's It's Love Time and Zaraque's I'm a Love Machine got CC's in lure coursing. These credits are mentioned, but also many other nice results and placements in all activities have as much value in my memories. Thank you all and see you also in year 2015!

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