P-Litter #12

d.o.b. 11.8.2020 5 + 3

C.I.B. Nord Fi Se No Ee Ch Fi LcCh Fi VCh EeJW-15
Zaraque's Just Light Up My Way

Must Be Shadow Callala

Fi Ch Zaraque's Poetry In Wine

* Owned by Zaraque's
* Finnish Whippet club's triple prize #95 for "Beautiful runner"
* 3 x Lc-Cac's
* Size 50,8 cm

Aku 6,5 weeks

Zaraque's Perfect Gin Cocktail

* Owned by Katja Pekkanen, Jyväskylä
* 1 Cac
* 2 x Lc-Cac's
* Size 50,8 cm

Teppo 6,5 weeks
22 months

Zaraque's Pure Taste Of Whiskey

* Owned by Eveliina Turtinen, Keminmaa
* Size 49,1 cm

Risto 6,5 weeks
19 months

Zaraque's Praise For Goldwasser

* Owned by Pia & Oona Nurminen, Iisalmi

Vili 6,5 weeks
23 months

Zaraque's Power Of Tequila

* Owned by Salla Remes, Helsinki

Kutvonen 6,5 weeks
14 months

Zaraque's Passion For Chardonnay

* Owned by Piia Jaakkola, Haukipudas
* Size 47,7 cm

Taimi 7 weeks
20 months

Fi Ch Zaraque's Prosecco With Bubbles

* Owned by Heidi Kauhanen, Varkaus
* Size 46,5 cm

Helmiina 6,5 weeks
2 years

Fi Ch Zaraque's Premium Riesling

* Owned by Liisa Schreibmaier, Vaasa
* Size 46,5 cm

Maia 6,5 weeks
2,5 years
C.I.B. Fi Se No Ee Ch Fi VCh Fi LcCh
Zaraque's Just Light Up My Way
C.I.B. Zelig Bottle Of Smoke
Ch Zaraque's High Temptation
Merci Isle Second Dawn
Zelig Lejongap
Ch Khalibadh Solglimt
Ch Zaraque's First Avenue
Must Be Shadow Callala
Ch Southpoint Wild N' Brave
Ch Just a Little Lovin' Toomie Trishel
Ch Southpoint Mountain Lion
Librium's Keep Jazz N Melody
Rivarco Fantastico Giotto At Esplendigos
Ch Belle De La Rienne Toomie Trishel