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Zaraque´s homepages have been published 11/2000.

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(blog only in finnish and not updated since 2016, but includes a lot of older photos)

7.11.2018 We have a new litter upcoming, more information in Puppies page! New champion titles added to Zaraque's Lunar Eclipse. New photos added to our 6 months old M-litter. Some results added to several breds.

13.9.2018 We have a new lure coursing champion; Zaraque's Juliet In Temptation, third Zaraque's Fi Lc Ch! Updated health result (heart ultrasound) for Batman, and Lc Cc's for Viljo and Taavi. Few new pics of Elli.

27.8.2018 Updates overall.

2.7.2018 Lots of updates here and there. Our latest litter added to Litters-page. Our new family member Elli also got her own page.

5.6.2018 We have a first International champion and also new finnish and swedish champion! Also Hippu's, Batman's, Väinö's, Taavi's, Rami's, Nenna's and Rio's pages updated with results and some photos. Show photos updated.

24.5.2018 Updated health results for Nekku, Batman and Nenna, new photos for Kalla and Nekku. Few pictures of our current Litter.

28.4.2018 We have finally Puppies! Updated some new show photos.

2.4.2018 Updated measurement results for Batman and Sulka, new photos for Kalla, Hippu, Ella, Kiti junior and Wäinö. Few new pics also in Show pics gallery. In loving memories Elvis <3

27.2.2018 We have a new hope for the future, check out our Puppy plan's! Updated healthy results for Luna, Pilvi, Nenna, Rio and Elvis. New pic of Kalla.

20.1.2018 Ella's, Nekku's, Pipsa's and Tähkä's pages updated with new photos, show results and healthy results. New pic in show photos.

4.1.2018 We have announced a new Puppy plan. Health results updated for Batman, and new picture of our little polish girl Kalla. Also some words and statistics from year 2017 in news-page :)

21.11.2017 We have a new member in our team; Welcome to Finland Kalla!

4.9.2017 Puppy plans updated and official measurements for K- and L-litters.

14.8.2017 Lots of updates and photos overall.

8.6.2017 We have a new Litter planned ;)

31.5.2017 Lots of updates and photos overall.

19.2.2017 Lots of updates and photos overall.

19.10.2016 Added own pages for L-litter. Some updates overall.

10.10.2016 Our Kiti gained a new title in Norway as well, and is now Fi & No Champion!

23.8.2016 We have a new champion again!! Congratulations to Hippu and Anniina! Also Viljo gained a new title again, Estonian champion, so congratulations to owners Anne and Oona too! Zaraque's L-litter was born.

25.7.2016 We have a new champion!! Congratulations to Viljo and the owners =) Also Ilo's page updated with new photos.

8.7.2016 Litters page updated with K-litter and puppies' individual pages. New litter expected on Puppies page. Viljo's health results.

23.6.2016 Puppies page updated with names and new photos.

7.6.2016 Puppies page updated. We have a new lure coursing champion! Mango's title updated.

8.5.2016 Puppies are here! Ruffe's title updated. New photos in Neo's and Viljo's pages. Some new Show photos.

9.2.2016 Jose, Viljo, Show photos

4.1.2016 News updated!

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