C.I.B. Nord, Fi, Se, No Ch
Pineron Poker Face

14.01.2014 - 28.12.2023

  • 2 lure coursing cac's
  • Bred by Anne Asp, Pineron

C.I.B. Fi Se Ee Ch
Estet Classic Christmas Gift Decuma
Gaysyde March Sunrise
Ch Gaysyde Christmas Magic
Ch Baldrey Not So Smart With Buebezi
Patlyns Snow White
Ch Paltlyn's Eye Of The Storm
Gaysyde April Rhapsody In Blue
Fi Ch
Epic Honest
Ch Skyings Ferrari Bertone
C.I.B. Epic Bizarre
C.I.B. Sobers Cadiac
Ch Windrock Angeleyes Of Skyings
Ch Jet's As You Like It
C.I.B. Sobers Bartsia