About Us

I'm Heidi Lonnakko, a medical laboratory technologist by profession and I live in Keminmaa, Finland, with my husband Janne, our family and the whippets.

I've owned and been interested in english springerspaniels since 1987. Our first litter was born -91 and we bred alltogether 4 litters springerspaniels with my mother. We mainly went to the dog shows, but in the '90s I was practising obedience training and agility with my dogs too.

I've always admired sighthounds and in the 1999 I finally got my first one. Whippet-girl Iisa, Ch Pipsqueak Dream Catcher really got me to fall in love with this breed. In addition to shows we go in for lure coursing with our dogs. In 2001 was born our first Zaraque's whippet-litter and I'm now concentrating to this breed under my prefix Zaraque's.